Concerned about the details, the cost, the overwhelm of a divorce? 
The right divorce planning can save you time, money and stress. 
Where will you begin?

How We Support You

Divorce Navigation & Planning is not therapy.  It is a short term coaching experience to help you stop the overwhelm, gain clarity, and make a plan moving forward.

Get informed before you make a decision to divorce AND before you start the divorce proceedings.

Information is power:  Know what you need to know and where to get the resources that will best support YOU, in your own divorce process.

EXCITING NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU --COMING SOON! Watch our website to learn of the launch of two new great support services for you. 


Divorce 101 -- Getting Started is a two hour long online workshop that you can complete on your own time and in your own place of comfort.  We will outline the fundamentals of how to start your planning before you begin your divorce so that you start to take control. Watch for this launch in December of 2019.

Your Divorce Exit Strategy™ is a more in-depth course to get you down in the details of your divorce and your future planning so that you emerge stronger and more grounded.  This course offers proven strategies and materials to help you make a solid plan to move forward. Launching in January 2020.


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