Resources on Divorce for You.  Get Informed!

The Legal Process:

Pine Tree Legal Assistance: 

This local organization has an amazing, in-depth list of information on the legal process in Maine and in general. You might find it helpful as you start your work.

Scroll down this page to the section titled "Family Matters."  You will find the forms required for the divorce process in Maine.  Take time to read the ones that might be relevant to your own process.

Financial Information:  

This is an area often forgotten but the one that can significantly impact your outcome and your life after divorce.  Get informed!

WIFE: Women's Institute for Financial Education

This amazing resource was a pioneer in supporting women to get educated about all things financial.  They have specialized in programs and resources for divorce.  

Divorce and Your Money/Blog

Shawn Leamon is a nationally recognized expert in financial matters related to divorce.  Check out his blog to find a wealth of information.

Emotional Support

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Always remember this. 

Women's Divorce:  Emotions and Divorce

A wonderful resource covering many areas of the emotional landscape we all have to go through.  Check it out.

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