Why "Asking For a Friend" is the Name of Our Blog

Updated: Feb 6

Even with the changing thinking about divorce, the idea of going through one can still stir up shame and embarrassment for many of us when we start talking about it. When I would speak about my divorce education and planning business with people, I noticed that quite a few friends, colleagues, and strangers would ask me questions on behalf of ‘someone else’.

And when I was able to dig a bit deeper, I discovered that the person was really asking for themselves but they were too embarrassed to say that they were considering a divorce. And I loved that they were smart enough to ask questions.

It’s all good! Divorce is a highly personal process. We don’t recommend broadcasting it to anyone until you have done your work — internally and externally— to see if this is the right decision for you and maybe for your family.

And we don’t advocate getting a divorce. Just because you are doing the research and getting information, this does NOT mean that you getting divorced.

It means that you care enough about yourself, your future, and your family to get informed so that, whatever route you choose, you will make decisions that are based on solid knowledge and not on an emotional response.

So please, go ahead and ‘ask for a friend”. Get the info you need, by whatever means you need to find it, because this is the crucial step in your decision. Knowledge will empower you and can actually be a source of calmness as you move forward. But start with getting informed first.

You can do this. We can help.



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