Myth #1: Call a Lawyer First. (NO!!)

Your legal representative is a very important player in your divorce process -- but they should not necessarily be the first person to call if you are thinking about, or starting, a divorce. You will want to contain your costs (right?!!) along with wanting to maintain control of your own process. Start to do your homework first before you connect with an attorney so you understand your role and theirs.

Consider these questions:

- Do you know what you want from your divorce? - Have you made a plan for your future life after divorce?

- Have you collected and organized the papers that you will need to file?

- Are you able to speak with an attorney without crying or screaming?

- Do you understand the divorce process in your state?

- Do you know what legal options are available to you?

- Do you have an unlimited amount of money to give to an attorney to do your divorce?

- Do you want to give your power to a legal representative to make decisions for you that might not be what you want?

- Do you know how to work effectively with a legal professional?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions then you DON'T want to call an attorney first.

Meeting with your legal representative requires a lot of work on your part — emotionally, mentally, and organizationally. You will want to use your attorney as a means to accomplish your goals — and not as the decision maker in your divorce. To emerge successful and strong from this transition you will want to understand as much as you can before you meet with an attorney. And you can save time and money if you do your homework first!

You can do this -- we can help.



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