Five Myths of Divorce — and Why They Don’t Have to be True (and One More to Consider)

Trying to get your head around a possible divorce and how to move through it? Here are 5 common myths about the divorce process and why they are not necessarily true. And an extra one at the end.

  • It’s complicated

  • It’s expensive

  • It’s time consuming

  • The paperwork is overwhelming

  • The lawyer will take care of everything

  • (I can't do this,)

Today we look at number 1:

It’s complicated.”

It doesn’t have to be a complicated process. There are, of course, many questions that need to be addressed, and a marriage with a lot of businesses and property may require more time and research to tease out.

But divorce is a fairly straight-forward process.

- A divorce petition/complaint is served to you by your spouse, or you serve your spouse the petition. - Information is gathered by both sides and shared through the discovery process through a mediator or lawyer(s). - Negotiations on how to divide marital property and how to manage kids’ schedules are worked out (by you and your spouse,

or by your legal professionals, or maybe the court). - The judge signs off on your agreed settlement.

Okay, this is a fairly simplistic explanation of the process. But the point is that there are several predictable steps, each with possible variations, and that you can break it down into manageable steps.

Each divorce is different, with different concerns. And each divorce can be managed in a way with better outcomes and an easier process. It takes work and time, but understanding that the process doesn’t have to be overly complex can help you manage the different steps.

Tomorrow -- Myth #2: "It's expensive."


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