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Local Workshops & Support Groups

Second Saturday Maine Divorce Workshops for Women

This workshop, offered every second Saturday (!) in the Portland area is a great starting point if you are considering divorce.  Start here to get a good foundation on the essentials to know.

Second Saturday offers non-biased financial, emotional and legal advice from qualified local professionals, providing people with the knowledge, support, resources and trust that they need to survive the divorce process and move forward with confidence toward a new life.

Divorce Care Maine:  Divorce Recovery Support Group

Divorce Care is a faith based divorce recovery support group meeting weekly in North Yarmouth. They welcome people of all or no faiths. 

Legal Resources

Choosing the right legal professional to support you in your process is very important.  What kind of legal support will you need?  How much support will you need?   Which route is best for your situation:  mediation, litigation, collaborative law, pro se?  Do your homework upfront to understand your particular needs before you commit to a lawyer. 

The following resources are an example of the many that are available to you locally.

Maine Community Law Center provides legal services to individuals who are not able to afford a full priced lawyer.  Check their site out to learn about their services. 

Miller Law & Mediation

Miller Law & Mediation, located in Portland, Maine, specializes in family law and mediation.

Cecilia Guecia practices a variety of legal services and is passionate about helping clients find the appropriate kind of legal representation for their individual situation.

Financial Resources

Make the financial piece of your divorce process a priority.  Decisions that are made during the divorce process may have a long term impact on your future.  This not only includes decisions in your divorce process but also how you manage the resources that you will have.  Getting informed and making a financial plan will allow you to prepare and gain a sense of grounding as you move forward.

Speak to a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), a financial planner or a financial coach during your process so that you know what your situation will be and how you can best plan for this.  The fee for this service, if required, will be worth it.

There are well qualified professionals who can help you.  Below is a list of several in the Portland area.

Susan Pye, Financial Advisor

CFP®, CDFA®, Wells Fargo Advisors

As an experienced Certified Divorce Financial Advisor, Susan is able to help you review your financial situation and help you assess the long term consequences of decisions you may face in your divorce.  Susan is the organizer of Second Saturday Maine and presents at their workshop monthly.

Allison offers financial coaching for individuals and has a special interest in supporting people going through divorce.

Taking Care of YOU

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first!  Whether you are going through this journey alone or with children, your first priority should be taking care of yourself.  This path is challenging -- find the support and resources to help you in this area.

Counseling Services

Getting emotional support during your divorce process can help you manage your process in many ways. Understanding what happened, how it affected you, and how to move forward is so important.  Learning about the stages of grief during this time will let you experience them, and to release them. 

Emotional support can also help you manage the costs of your divorce by helping you avoid behaviors that might prolong or aggravate your process.

There are many talented counselors in our area.  Below are several experienced professionals.

Terri has been active in the divorce community in greater Portland for several decades, and she knows her stuff.  As a counselor and a divorce coach she has helped many individuals through this process.  One of her areas of specialities is Co-Parenting, and she provides regular workshops on the topic.

Laura is a gentle, caring soul, experienced in individual's counseling and parent strategy support.  Her understanding of children in the divorce is particularly strong. She has a passion for working with families learn to parent better and offers workshops on the topic.


Kelly's mission is to support women in their journey to find fitness and wellness.  She offers a range of services. Check out her Facebook page for great information. 

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